Here is some of my work history.

Michael Klepacz


Executive Summary:

Multi-faceted professional with a rich career history involving various industries, from military aerospace to sustainable agriculture. Demonstrates proficiency in roles requiring leadership, problem-solving, innovation, and hands-on technical skills. Passionate about sustainability and regenerative practices, with significant experience in sustainable sourcing and responsible business practices. Adept at managing, training, and mentoring teams to exceed objectives. Strong proficiency in English language instruction, script editing, and voice-over work, with experience working with international professionals. Skilled at identifying opportunities for sustainable sourcing projects and driving proposals to ensure alignment of strategies to realistic goals and objectives.

Professional Experience:

Natural Materials Unlimited – Jan 2015 – Present

  • Conducted market research, product analysis, and design; responsible for resource allocations and procurement.
  • Maintained oversight of the website, presented in trade shows, and engaged in client relations.
  • Designed a high-capacity production system, along with various other machinery and processes.

Sustainable Agriculture System Consultant
Greenstitute – Oct 2013- Present

  • Analyzed land, topography, soil health, and bioregions for client projects; developed planting bed designs, biochar systems, and liquid compost techniques.
  • Identified mineral deficiencies, devised corrective measures.
  • Worked with local suppliers for fertilizer, soil, and seeds.

Greenhouse Volunteer
Toledo Grows – Fall 2009

  • Guided incarcerated juveniles in understanding soil and plant health, compost making, woodwork, and chicken rearing.
  • Lead small teams of teenagers, enhancing their learning and practical skills.

English Teacher/Editor/Voiceovers (Self Employed)
Native Mike – Dec 2008 – Present

  • Taught ESL to a wide range of professionals, created assignments, and conducted editing of research papers.
  • Performed voiceovers for various projects and offered script editing services.

Lifeguard Supervisor
Cedar Fair – April 2008-Oct 2008

  • Coordinated lifeguard activities and ensured safety standards at a large waterpark.
  • Led training sessions for lifeguards, conducted park preparations and maintenance.

Sakura and The Real Seafood Co.– Oct 2008 – August 2009

  • Provided high-quality service to restaurant patrons; responsible for food ordering and detailed knowledge of the menu.
  • Assisted with wine pairing and weekly specials.

Aerospace Maintenance Journeyman/Training Manager
USAF – July 2004- Nov 2007

  • Inspected and maintained C5 Galaxy Aircraft, managed training for 150 personnel.
  • Designed new T-Stand for empennage maintenance in collaboration with civilian engineers.

Oil Tech
Valoline – [Dates]

  • Performed routine maintenance on cars, including fluid changes and wheel balancing.
  • Managed the heating system in the building, using used oil from the workspace.

Movie Theater – Concession Leads
Showcase Cinemas – April 2002 – Jan 2004

    • Assisted in the daily operations of a high-volume food and beverage concession stand.
    • Ensured optimal customer service by swiftly taking orders, processing payments, and delivering food.
    • Demonstrated a strong understanding of menu offerings to assist customers in making the best choices.
    • Upheld the highest standards of cleanliness and food safety, contributing to a positive customer experience.
    • Showcased efficiency and teamwork in meeting high customer demand during peak business hours.

Kozminski University
Masters Degree, Virtual Environments
2015 – 2017

Kozminski University 
Bachelor’s Degree, Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations 
2012 – 2015



  • Leadership and Team Management
  • Product Design
  • Lean/Six Sigma
  • Sustainability and Regenerative Practices
  • Technical Maintenance and Repair
  • Project Management
  • Supplier Auditing and Quality Management
  • English Teaching and Voiceovers
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Strong Emotional Intelligence
  • Internal and External Networking